Sunday, January 11, 2004

welll it starts again.......
Classes start tomorrow, this semster is gonna be different before everyone comes over the homework has to be done... I am gonna study and everything, oh yeah 3.0 here I came back! lol I miss my mommy and sissyboo but I like it down here, awww I got to see Taran jus a few minutes ago! yay shes my friend! lol I havent saw her in forever! Its so quiet right now sean and aaron are interested in a movie they havent moved for 45 minutes! lol Everyone should be back in a few minutes... Now Im talking to katrina yay I missed talking to her over break... Well I guess i am gonna go watch some TV yay American Idol in 1 week and 1 day! EXCITING!!! =)

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

yayayaya Im happy now, Lindsey and Darren might be coming to h-ton they are gonna stay with me and sean! yayay I miss Taran though! awww I havent seen her in FOREVER!!! I can wait for classes to start back I miss everyone, Jon, Matt, even aaron! lol My puppy is soooo precisious!!! I think we are gonna do something this weekend for Sean and Aarons birthday. IF we do Shane and Amanda is coming yaya I get to meet Amanda hopefully, after talking to her forever!!! They are having a memorial for Jeff thursday I dunno if I should go with my mommy or what... it would prolly be nice of me... I have to clean, yes I was suppose to do it yesterday but i laid in the bed all day with Bilbo!! awwww my mommy will love my puppy!! plus he sleeps in a lil bed in the floor and shell love that she doesnt like animals to sleep in the bed like marco.. aww I have to get rid of marco, but im only giving him to a good home. if anyone wants him.... I took all my nails off last night I want mine to grow so I am gonna leave those things off.. ok I need to clean especially if Lindsey and Darren are coming down I need to clean that extra bedroom *the cats room* gonna go do that... bye~!

Monday, January 05, 2004

Well I havent wrote in this fo a while.... I am back in huntington for a few days. I have to go home and get the rest of my clothes though... Sean is havin a birthda party friday and saturday and I have to be down there for that. I am just glad I get to go home for a few days though. I miss my mom while Im down here!!! But I like being down here with sean. I might go get my nails done today. They need it! wooo real world premiers tomorrow!! lol Im a geek! I need to clean up the apartment call Marshall and take a shower not too much to do but it will take me all day!!! I cant wait for classes to start again I am grounding my self this semster so I can do better! I hope I do great I need to to pull my GPA up so I can be a teacher lol and buy a Jag like My hero Donna Mullins! hahaha I love ppl at my church!! they are so funny!! Well I just realized that I do miss my daddy. I just wanna see him so I can tell him Im alive and I love him. I usually dont care if i see him or not but its been 2 months since me and mom seen him I know she misses him, but he cant drink himself to death and expence us to want him around!! Oh well enough of that I got a puppy I got a lil shih tzu named Bilbo!!! Hes so precious!! But Im gonna go feed him!!

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