Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I was sitting here watching Joe Cartoon and thinking and I am pissed!! I cant stand the way someone I know is so fake and they cover it up by trying the nice act.. If ppl knew half the shit this certain person says about them and does behind there back everyone wouldnt trust this person. Im tired of pretneding this person is so nice F*** covering up for someone!! Yes I know Im not perfect but jesus I am not this bad and i dont try to cover up. I know sooo much shit on this person that if i laid there shit out they wouldnt have a life... but im better than that i would never f up someones life on purpose!!! Im just arguvated that everyone suspences that this person is a lieing, fake person but everyone covers up for this person just because they pretend like there life is oooo so hard!!!! Well Im done venting anger I want Stac to come down here and stay with me!!! Im gonna try to beg her well im gonna go!

Monday, December 29, 2003

well im back here in huntington.... I guess we are gonna have ppl down here for new years eve. I think jennifer love hewitt and carson daly sould go back out... they were so sweet! Man Im bored can you tell?! hmm well bye!

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Well me and sean got back together... I went down there monday and stayed the night! I love him, again! lol Im kiddin' Now Im back here in man in my room. I can't wait for christmas day!! I hope Emilee has the best christmas ever! Omg I got my nails done monday night while i was in huntington and Marco *My kitty* hates em!! he has attacked my hands ever since I got em!! lol hes so cute!! Sean didnt call me when he got home, i hope hes ok.... I will just call him in the morning and ask him why he didnt call!! I really love that poop head even though he will be the reasons for my gray hairs at the age of 23! =) well I think i am gonna go to bed! Prolly not I might go annoy my mommy more!!! thats fun! BYE!!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Well today started out good but has turned out to be a night from hell!!! I went to church then to eat with mom and we shoped a bit. Well we get home and me and sean start arguing about the cat. Then I went to church for the christmas play, Sis cried cause she thought my brother*her daddy* was sad when he was just acting! lol that was sooo cute! Then i come home and me and sean broke up! =*( I just realized that I have alot of growing up to do! Now I am here thinking of how i can get myself out of this big MESS!! I know I should spend time wit him right now but I just feel like my mommy is sooo lonely and I feel like I am the only person there for my mom... Im just so hurt and confused right now! I Love Sean so much but I am scared Im not enough for him... Im gonna cry now! Bye

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Well I dont remember when the last time I wrote in this thing.... I was wrong Shane came down... with David Miller. We all had fun, but I can home friday. I went to Stacies to exchange gifts then she came to my house friday night and she got stuck here! Today i have spent time with Emilee and been lazy! I getta go to Wal Mart tomorrow and finish christmas shoppin for my family!! =) While Shane and Dave was there I talked to Jessie, we had a heart-to-heart, atleast I think we did! I dunno if everything is all good but its better than what it was! I haven't called Taran yet but I will. Im worried about her, wonder if shes still in pain? Well I am gonna go talk to Sean!!! I will prolly write in here again tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Today hasn't been much better... I had to take Nala to the vet when i got back to huntington... she's still not ng good. I have to keep her in the bathroom all alone till she starts using the litter box again! =( I feel bad but I dont have time to sit in the bathroom with her.... I have to start cleaning, i am guessing that Shane is coming down here tonight, but I very seriously doubt it... Sean is hoping he does though. Sean misses his lil brother!! awww I think that is sooo cute =) I guess I get to go watch Lord Of The Rings tonight... or tomorrow night! Depends on Shane! Well I guess I should go clean Marco's litter box. Thats another thing, now I have to keep 2 litter boxes!!! =( dam that sucks!! well I must go take care of my babies!! =)

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Well today has been ok.... I slept in late, yuck I hate doing that!!! Then I was suppose to hang out with Sissy today but she didnt come up.... Me and Sean went to the Man/Logan game.... I got to talk to Frye! yaya I Love him!! he use to be my best friend, I miss him!! =( I got my grades, I am in sum big trouble with marshall!!! =( 1 D 1 F, dam that sucks!!! =*( well ok I change my mind, today has SUCKED!!! =*( I have to get up early tomorrow and go back to h-ton, yucky!! I dont wanna get up early!! =( but enough complaining.... Yeah thats been my day today, pretty $hitty huh?

Monday, December 15, 2003

well I had an exciting weekend.... Sunday I went shopping with my mommy and my sister-in-law! Who knew you could spend 4 hours in Value City?! lol Then my niece stayed the night with me, aww I love Emilee! Today I went shopping with Sean! we bought all kinds of christmas presents!! Shane got a-lot of pretty outfits, thanks to me* and we bought his g/f *Amanda* a pretty outfit too! I like Amanda, she seems to be a really sweet girl! I can't wait to meet her!!! =) But anyways, Im sitting here in my pink lil room thinking about different things... I have narrowed it down, I think I have like 2 friends in man, and thats including my niece!! I honestly think that Stacie is the only firend I have! I bought her the cutest lil best friend thingy... cause she truley is my best friend!! I know I could count on her to be with me through anything... I know ppl think that i have just got up and walked out on them, but I honestly haven't went anywhere, Im still the same ol' misty lou.... I just get soo agurvated when I think that everyone thinks I've changed, maybe they need to look at themselves maybe they are the ones that changed! But enough of that, I saw Taran-Bo-Baran today! yay I hope she does ok with her boobies in two days! I am gonna go see her when shes gets em! *I Promise* but i think I am gonna go mess around with my computer, hopefully I can make it go faster!! lol BYE =)

Friday, December 12, 2003

omg its 8:50 and Im up! I have alot to do today to get ready to come home. I should be doing everything, but I have decided to get online and listen to CMT. Man I love Kenny Chesney! wooot! hes sooo hot! Wonder when he's coming back? Well anyways, I get online this morning and I have the oddest messages from someone. I just would love to know why guys have to lie. well actually i know why this certain person is lieing, just in case you read this, IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!!! =) Oh well, I guess Im gonna go pack or do something productive.. oops sorry I heard Pharell on TV took my attention away!! =) well anywhos Im gonna go do something worth doing!! Lata Tata!
Yay this thingy is neat!! Everyone else has one, so I figured I would get one also!! So anywhos... I get to go home tomorrow, woo! that should be good, I miss my mommy and sissyboo! But I know that I will be ready to come back by the time christmas is over! I went to the mall today with Vicky and the kids... Madison is so awesome, i sometimes forget how much I love them! Yay stacie is gonna call me!! she's the only friend I have in Man... =( thats sad that I have no friends in man anymore.. all over stupid shit! oh well guess you can't consider someone your best friend if they up and leave you when you *gasp* get a new friend. hmmm enough venting my anger... Im hungry and theres nothing to eat here.. wonder what that means?! Yeah you guessed it, I did the bad stuff tonight! awww Well I'm gonna go talk to stac while sean plays lord of the ring!!! =)

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