Sunday, January 11, 2004

welll it starts again.......
Classes start tomorrow, this semster is gonna be different before everyone comes over the homework has to be done... I am gonna study and everything, oh yeah 3.0 here I came back! lol I miss my mommy and sissyboo but I like it down here, awww I got to see Taran jus a few minutes ago! yay shes my friend! lol I havent saw her in forever! Its so quiet right now sean and aaron are interested in a movie they havent moved for 45 minutes! lol Everyone should be back in a few minutes... Now Im talking to katrina yay I missed talking to her over break... Well I guess i am gonna go watch some TV yay American Idol in 1 week and 1 day! EXCITING!!! =)

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

yayayaya Im happy now, Lindsey and Darren might be coming to h-ton they are gonna stay with me and sean! yayay I miss Taran though! awww I havent seen her in FOREVER!!! I can wait for classes to start back I miss everyone, Jon, Matt, even aaron! lol My puppy is soooo precisious!!! I think we are gonna do something this weekend for Sean and Aarons birthday. IF we do Shane and Amanda is coming yaya I get to meet Amanda hopefully, after talking to her forever!!! They are having a memorial for Jeff thursday I dunno if I should go with my mommy or what... it would prolly be nice of me... I have to clean, yes I was suppose to do it yesterday but i laid in the bed all day with Bilbo!! awwww my mommy will love my puppy!! plus he sleeps in a lil bed in the floor and shell love that she doesnt like animals to sleep in the bed like marco.. aww I have to get rid of marco, but im only giving him to a good home. if anyone wants him.... I took all my nails off last night I want mine to grow so I am gonna leave those things off.. ok I need to clean especially if Lindsey and Darren are coming down I need to clean that extra bedroom *the cats room* gonna go do that... bye~!

Monday, January 05, 2004

Well I havent wrote in this fo a while.... I am back in huntington for a few days. I have to go home and get the rest of my clothes though... Sean is havin a birthda party friday and saturday and I have to be down there for that. I am just glad I get to go home for a few days though. I miss my mom while Im down here!!! But I like being down here with sean. I might go get my nails done today. They need it! wooo real world premiers tomorrow!! lol Im a geek! I need to clean up the apartment call Marshall and take a shower not too much to do but it will take me all day!!! I cant wait for classes to start again I am grounding my self this semster so I can do better! I hope I do great I need to to pull my GPA up so I can be a teacher lol and buy a Jag like My hero Donna Mullins! hahaha I love ppl at my church!! they are so funny!! Well I just realized that I do miss my daddy. I just wanna see him so I can tell him Im alive and I love him. I usually dont care if i see him or not but its been 2 months since me and mom seen him I know she misses him, but he cant drink himself to death and expence us to want him around!! Oh well enough of that I got a puppy I got a lil shih tzu named Bilbo!!! Hes so precious!! But Im gonna go feed him!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I was sitting here watching Joe Cartoon and thinking and I am pissed!! I cant stand the way someone I know is so fake and they cover it up by trying the nice act.. If ppl knew half the shit this certain person says about them and does behind there back everyone wouldnt trust this person. Im tired of pretneding this person is so nice F*** covering up for someone!! Yes I know Im not perfect but jesus I am not this bad and i dont try to cover up. I know sooo much shit on this person that if i laid there shit out they wouldnt have a life... but im better than that i would never f up someones life on purpose!!! Im just arguvated that everyone suspences that this person is a lieing, fake person but everyone covers up for this person just because they pretend like there life is oooo so hard!!!! Well Im done venting anger I want Stac to come down here and stay with me!!! Im gonna try to beg her well im gonna go!

Monday, December 29, 2003

well im back here in huntington.... I guess we are gonna have ppl down here for new years eve. I think jennifer love hewitt and carson daly sould go back out... they were so sweet! Man Im bored can you tell?! hmm well bye!

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Well me and sean got back together... I went down there monday and stayed the night! I love him, again! lol Im kiddin' Now Im back here in man in my room. I can't wait for christmas day!! I hope Emilee has the best christmas ever! Omg I got my nails done monday night while i was in huntington and Marco *My kitty* hates em!! he has attacked my hands ever since I got em!! lol hes so cute!! Sean didnt call me when he got home, i hope hes ok.... I will just call him in the morning and ask him why he didnt call!! I really love that poop head even though he will be the reasons for my gray hairs at the age of 23! =) well I think i am gonna go to bed! Prolly not I might go annoy my mommy more!!! thats fun! BYE!!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Well today started out good but has turned out to be a night from hell!!! I went to church then to eat with mom and we shoped a bit. Well we get home and me and sean start arguing about the cat. Then I went to church for the christmas play, Sis cried cause she thought my brother*her daddy* was sad when he was just acting! lol that was sooo cute! Then i come home and me and sean broke up! =*( I just realized that I have alot of growing up to do! Now I am here thinking of how i can get myself out of this big MESS!! I know I should spend time wit him right now but I just feel like my mommy is sooo lonely and I feel like I am the only person there for my mom... Im just so hurt and confused right now! I Love Sean so much but I am scared Im not enough for him... Im gonna cry now! Bye

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